Global Incentives Report 2018

The 2018 report provides a global overview of government incentives offered to private investors from 2010-2017.


  • Capital investment associated with incentives being awarded in 2017 increased by 11% to nearly $200 billion
  • The average incentive per job was $17,455 in 2017
  • Half of all incentives offered were tax incentives in 2017
  • Almost one-third of incentives were to achieve regional and local development

About the Editor

Nerys Coleman
Director of Data & Products

Nerys has 10 years' experience in FDI research and consulting. A fluent French and Spanish speaker, she started her career in linguistics before undertaking FDI analyst roles at OCO Global and Financial Times.

Nerys manages WAVTEQ's FDI Center of Excellence where she leads production of IncentivesMonitor and business development in Europe and the Americas.

Nerys has successfully delivered high level consulting reports on incentive practices published by Columbia University and is a leading expert in incentive analysis and comparative studies for global organizations including Investment Promotion Agencies and multinational corporations.

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